juni 12

The Global Anti-Counterfeiting Awards 2017

A diverse range of GAC Awards were announced on 7th June 2017 on World Anti-Counterfeiting Day. The eight winners represent a broad spectrum of anti-counterfeiting and IPR enforcement activities from the continuing success of national customs services to the growing importance of international co-operation to combat fraud linked with IP Crime. The significant contribution of.

juni 12

Derivative use of Public Domain Content – Film Industry Focus

”An EU-wide study carried out by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), through the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights, is one of the first studies focusing on usage of the pre-existing creative content for new derivative projects. The objective of the research is to document the way previous creative content, both.

april 26

World Intellectual Property Day on 26 April 2017: Innovation – Improving Lives

”Every April 26, we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day to learn about the role that intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright) play in encouraging innovation and creativity. This year, we’ll explore how innovation is making our lives healthier, safer, and more comfortable, turning problems into progress. We’ll look at how the intellectual property.

april 24

Invitation to celebrate the SACG’s 20th anniversary!

SACG 1997 – 2017 For this year’s annual meeting, you are invited to celebrate the SACG’s 20th anniversary and discuss the following topic: Anti-Counterfeiting – what has happened during the last 20 years and what can we expect in the future? SACG Program – 14 June 2017

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